Infratech vs. Bromic: A Comparative Analysis of Outdoor Heaters

Infratech vs. Bromic: A Comparative Analysis of Outdoor Heaters

When it comes to outdoor heaters, two names often come to the forefront of discussions: Infratech and Bromic. Both brands have established themselves as industry leaders. However, how do they stack up against each other in terms of efficiency, design, and performance? Let's dive into a detailed comparative analysis.


  • Infratech: Renowned for its direct radiating heat, Infratech's heaters ensure maximum infrared radiation to warm up surfaces efficiently.
  • Bromic: While Bromic does a commendable job, it has a patented reflector and grid system which, according to tests, doesn't seem to provide any significant advantage over Infratech's simpler design.


  • Infratech: Employs parabolic reflectors that focus the radiated heat downwards, providing consistent warmth across a broad area.
  • Bromic: Tends to be slightly warmer at the center but loses out on consistency across wider spaces.


  • Infratech: Sleek, available in multiple colors, and motifs. Its look has a certain universal appeal, making it suitable for various settings.
  • Bromic: While also modern in its design, it employs a grid system which blocks more radiation than Infratech. This blockage could impact the heater's overall efficiency.


  • Infratech: Demonstrates consistent warmth across larger areas, making it ideal for bigger gatherings or commercial spaces.
  • Bromic: It might provide a slightly warmer feel at the center, but its heat distribution diminishes as you move away from the center.

Technical Aspects:

  • Infratech: It boasts longer elements, ensuring a broader distribution of heat. Its guard blocks significantly less area, ensuring more efficient radiation.
  • Bromic: The grid system in Bromic heaters covers a larger area (32% of radiations) compared to Infratech's guard. Moreover, in tests, removing Bromic's grid showed temperature rises of 19-28% over the area, indicating the grid's significant blockage.

Documentation and Trustworthiness:

  • Infratech: Stands out for providing accurate information about its products, fostering trust among consumers.
  • Bromic: Some discrepancies have been noted between their product documentation and manual, which might raise eyebrows among discerning buyers.


  • Infratech: Easy acess with clip on grid/ Element easier to install due to more flexible cable.
  • Bromic: Element hard to install due to non-flexible wire (causes a lot of pressure on the element with the sharp bracket)/ Have to unscrew grid for access


  • Infratech: 4 years on everything when bought directly form Signature Radiant
  • Bromic: 1 years on parts


While both Infratech and Bromic offer reliable outdoor heaters, the subtle differences in their efficiency, design, and heat distribution make Infratech a preferred choice for many. Its consistent warmth, sleek design, and technical superiority give it an edge in the competitive world of outdoor heating solutions. That said, Bromic is by no means a subpar product; it offers good warmth, especially at the center, and is backed by responsive customer service. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities.

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