Getting Started: Choosing an Infrared Heating System for Your Terrace

To enjoy a comfortable terrace regardless of the season, it's vital to choose the right heating system. Here's a guide to get you started with an Infratech infrared heating system:

1. Mounting Options

With Infratech, the versatility is unmatched, offering an array of mounting options suitable for every space.

Ceiling or Wall Mounting: The most straightforward installations which require no additional accessories.

Recommended product: C-CD series or SL series

 Flush Mounting: Perfect for those seeking a streamlined look. This option is a top pick among architects, interior designers, and engineers.

Recommended product: W-WD series with mounting frame

Drop Pole: Ideal for high ceiling space requiring heating. The drop pole allow to install the heater at the appropriate height.

Recommended product: C-CD series

 Pole Mounting: For this mounting option, please get in touch for detailed guidance.

 Remember, Infratech is the only manufacturer to offer five distinct mounting options, ensuring that there's a perfect solution for every space.

  • Ceilling or wall mounting

  • Flush mounting

  • Drop Pole

  • Pole mounting

2. How to choose the right model.

Outdoor living spaces come in all configurations. Infratech offers a wide array of heater sizes, capacities and profiles — including our Motif collection of decorative fascias — to add premium comfort and versatile style to any space, regardless of square footage, architectural design, ceiling height or exposure.

Based on the mounting option chosen select the adequate wattage for your need.

3. How to choose the right control

Infratech puts ultimate heat control at your fingertips with the widest range of control options in the industry. From design versatility and simple ease of use to timer functionality, zone heating, smart home integration and hands-free voice activation, our controls can help you get the most enjoyment out of your Infratech heating system. Whether your space is residential or commercial, small or large, we offer options that are compatible with any heating configuration, setting or budget. 

Custom controls

Infratech’s commitment to leading-edge technology and convenience is reflected in our custom control collection, which includes industry exclusives like hands-free voice activation and integration with popular home management systems. Each of our custom control panels is built on a project-specific basis, assigned a UL listing number, covered by our extensive Three-Year Warranty, and proudly made in the USA.

Value controls

Infratech also offers a broad selection of value controls that can be configured to provide simple, efficient operation for your property, heating system and budget.

Whether your space is small or large, residential or commercial, Infratech ensures there's a control option to suit every heating configuration, setting, or budget.

Infrared Basics

About Infrared Energy:

At its core, a heated quartz element emits a safe wavelength of light that is absorbed by solid objects, translating to direct warmth on people and objects instead of the surrounding air. This leads to even heat distribution and ensures the warmth doesn't just "blow away" in windy conditions. Unlike some competitors, Infratech’s heaters produce a gentle glow, maintaining the ambiance of your gathering. 

Enjoy Cleaner, Greener Heat:

Protecting the environment doesn't stop when you're heating your outdoor spaces. Traditional gas heaters can be inefficient and harmful, with many operating at below 50% efficiency and emitting hazardous gases. Infratech heaters, on the other hand, are over 90% efficient, economical, and produce no harmful emissions or odors. They are also entirely recyclable, aligning with the commitment to a greener planet.

Infrared Fact:

Designed for all conditions, our electric heaters ensure that the warmth remains consistent, even in windy or drafty situations.

Embarking on the journey to select the perfect infrared heating system for your terrace requires understanding the technology, identifying your needs, and prioritizing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. With Infratech, all these aspects converge, guaranteeing a warm, cozy, and eco-friendly outdoor experience.